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hard to find movies , rare movie titles , rare movies that are not commercially available or out of print on DVD and dvd r that are longer available through retailers. Movies are Manufactured By Demand dvd r for serious movie collectors who are in search of rare dvd movie titles THE Place For Movie Collectors, Since 1983.

European Hollywood Pre-code. We offer a huge collection of classic, rare, oop movies to classic movie fans. We specialize in black and white (B&W) vintage classic movies from 1880s, 1890, 1900s, 1910s, 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s and 1970s.  Our silent movie collection is one of thebiggest collection available. We believe that the era of silent cinema was oneof the most imaginative periods in human history. During the silent films era,a new visual vocabulary was invented by directors such as Georges Méliès, Charles Chaplin, Raoul Walsh, G.W. Pabst, F.W. Murnau, Fritz Lang, Vladislav Starevich,Robert Wiene, Josef von Sternberg, Per Lindberg, Lois Weber, Erich Stroheim, Phillips Smalley, Carl Theodor Dreyer, Leo McCarey, Mauritz Stiller,Kenji Mizoguchi, Miles Brothers, Buster Keaton, Eddie Cline, Giovanni Pastrone,Mikhail Kalatozov, Yasujir Ozu, Alfred Hitchcock, Josef von Sternberg, CharlesVanel, Fred Niblo, Sergei Eisenstein, Leo Mittler, Frank Borzage, Clarence Brown, Anthony Asquith, Mauritz Stiller, Aleksandr Medvedkin, Maurice Tourneur,Winsor McKay, King Vidor, Ted Wilde, Victor Sjöstrom, André Antoine, HerbertPonting, Man Ray, Harold L. Muller, Charles R. Bowers, Wallace Worsley, VictorFlemming, Fred C. Newmeyer, Sam Taylor, Oskar Fischinger, Jean Epstein, Alexander Dovzhenko, Carl Theodor Dreyer, Abel Gance,Dziga Vertov, Yevgeni Bauer, Hanns Schwarz, Dimitri Kirsanoff, Paul Leni, Louis Lumiere and ….

Different genres shaped as the medium was used forentertainment, politics, education and propaganda.

The challenge of visual storytelling without sound pushed filmmakers to find new ways to tell stories and communicate ideas. When we think of silent movie stars we inevitably think of Garbo, Charlie Chaplin, Rudolph Valentino,Lillian Gish, Clara Bow, Annette Kellerman, Sessue Hayakawa, Maurice Costello,Helene Costello, Art Acord, Lupe Velez, Theda Bara, William Haines, Florence Lawrence, and Louise Brooks.   The great legends of Hollywood are remembered for their work and often sensational personal lives. Thus, most people today know something of theloves, losses, and scandals of stars like James Dean and Marilyn Monroe. But what of the great stars of Hollywood’s formative years—the silent film era?Though most are all but forgotten today, many led lives of fascination and scandal that could easily match those of their latter-day peers. We offer a great selection of movies from the greatest film directors,with suggested or recommended Best Films or 'Must-See' Films from their filmographies. Directors such as Frank Capra, George Cukor, Michael Curtiz,Cecil B. DeMille, D. W. Griffith, Georges Méliès, Charles Chaplin, Raoul Walsh,G.W. Pabst, F.W. Murnau, Fritz Lang, Vladislav Starevich, Robert Wiene, Josefvon Sternberg, Per Lindberg, Lois Weber, Erich von Stroheim, Phillips Smalley,Carl Theodor Dreyer, John Huston, Elia Kazan, Buster Keaton, Ernst Lubitsch,Vincente Minnelli, F.W. Murnau, Roman Polanski, Powell and Pressburger, OttoPreminger, Douglas Sirk, George Stevens, Preston Sturges, William Wyler and…Many of these film-makers were highly innovative mavericks and renegades who challenged the established 'system' that existed during their time. As you may agree, the director is the most significant person responsible for creating 'movie magic' and mixing together all the ingredients of the film-making process. These directors have made a noteworthy, permanent and powerful contribution to the development of film and the film industry. Each one has directed a steady body of work with a number of ground breaking movies.The artistic greatness of films can never be rated, although critics,reviewers, and fans still make ten best lists, hundred best lists, all-time greatest lists, favorites lists, awards lists, and generate results of polls.


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All our dvd-r titles are either in the public domain and/or covered under the “BERNE ACT”. All media contained on these titles is distributed freely and globally under the terms of the GNU PUBLIC LICENCE and the GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENCE (LGPL). No trademarks, copyright or rules have been violated in this listing. All information pertaining to United States copyright regulations can be found at the United States Copyright office a branch of the Library of Congress. No Trademarks or copyrights have been violated by this item. If a title is found to be currently under copyright, it will be immediately removed.

Public domain DVD-Rs are WITHOUT ANY ART WORK, INSERT OR BOX.   Public domain DVD-Rs are NOT a commercially released dvd or factory mass produced dvd. dvd-rs will be shipped in a soft plastic disc slip in an envelope. Due to the rarity of public domain movies please kindly forgive the imperfection.The picture quality is the best quality that was available to us. In the case of public domain dvd-rs, no claim of digital quality is implied through this transaction.  

dvd-rs  will be shipped with NO ART WORK and without the hardcover in soft plastic disc slips.

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