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1.       For Better, for Worse 1919 silent /English sub/ no sound Gloria Swanson


2.       Love's Prisoner 1919 silent / no sound / English sub / Olive Thomas Joe King John Francis Dillon


3.       Where Are My Children? 1916 Tyrone Power Sr Marie Walcamp Phillips Smalley


4.       la cenere (1916) aka The Fire - Il fuoco - la favilla - la vampa Director: Giovanni Pastrone SILENT NO ENGLISH SUB


5.       The Fire (1916)Il fuoco (la favilla - la vampa - la cenere) (original title) Mario, a..


6.       A Florida Enchantment (1914) dvd r Director: Sidney Drew


7.       A Fool There Was (1915) Stars: Theda Bara, Runa Hodges, Mabel Frenyear, Edward José


8.       A Message from Mars (1913) Director: Wallett Waller English sub


9.       A Trip to Mars (1918) Director: Holger-Madsen English sub


10.   Alice in Wonderland (1903) 8min | Fantasy, Short Directors: Cecil M. Hepworth, Percy Stow


11.   Back to God's Country (1919) silent / no sound / no music


12.   Betty and the Buccaneers (1917) Director: Rollin S. Sturgeon


13.   Blind Justice (1916)Hævnens Nat (original title) A criminal escapes from prison, howe..


14.   Civilization (1915) dvd r Directors: Reginald Barker, Thomas H. Ince


15.   Come Out of the Kitchen (1919) Director: John S. Robertson


16.   Crossed Wires (1915) Short Director: Frederick Sullivan


17.   Der Millionenonkel (1913) Director: Hubert Marischka


18.   Der Student von Prag (1913) AKA The Student of Prague Directors: Paul Wegener, Stellan Rye (co-director) Stars: Paul Wegener, Grete Berger, Lyda Salmonova


19.   Devi gory (1919) aka Maiden's Mountains (1919) Director: Aleksandr Sanin SILENT / NO ENGLISH SUB


20.   Maiden's Mountains (1919)Devi gory (original title)1h 25min | Drama | 1919 (Russia)Add a Plot »Direc..


21.   Die Insel der Seligen (1913) (Germany) aka The Island of the Blessed (1913) Director: Max Reinhardt dvd


22.   double feature: Alice in Wonderland (1915) W.W. Young + Alice in Wonderland (1903) Cecil M. Hepworth, Percy Stow


23.   Alice in Wonderland (1915)52min | Adventure, Family, Fantasy | 19 January 1915 (USA)Alice goes with ..


24.   FROM THE MANGER TO THE CROSS 1912 DVD good quality



25.   Going Straight (1916) A man and his wife both have criminal pasts, but have quit crime and..



26.   Hell's Hinges (1916) Directors: Charles Swickard, William S. Hart


27.   Jone ovvero gli ultimi giorni di Pompei (1913) aka the Last Days of Pompeii English sub / Directors: Ubaldo Maria Del Colle, Giovanni Enrico Vidali


28.   Journey Through The Impossible 1904 AKA The Impossible Voyage (French: Voyage à travers l'impossible) directed by Georges Méliès


29.   Julius Caesar (1914) aka Cajus Julius Caesar Director: Enrico Guazzoni silent / with English subtitle


30.   La Belgique martyre (1919) / The martyrdom of Belgium Drama DVD R Director: Charles Tutelier WITH ENGLISH SUB


31.   Le coupable (1917) Director: André Antoine dvd r with English sub


32.   Le Miracle (1912) silent no Eng. sub


33.   Le miracle aka The Miracle (1912) silent / french sub


34.   Le retour d'Ulysse (1909) aka The Return of Ulysses short silent Eng. sub André Calmettes, Charles Le Bargy


35.   Lon Chaney's The Scarlet Car (1917) Director: Joseph De Grasse Stars: Franklyn Farnum, Edith Johnson, Lon Chaney


36.   Madame DuBarry (1919) silent / no english sub


37.   Nerven (1919) Germany with english sub Director: Robert Reinert Stars: Eduard von Winterstein, Lia Borré, Erna Morena


38.   Odna iz mnogikh (1927) 15min Animation - Soviet Union- Director-Nikolai Khodataev-Douglas Fairbanks-Mary Pickford-dvd


39.   Opium (1919) Drama Director: Robert Reinert Stars: Eduard von Winterstein, Sybill Morel, Werner Krauss


40.   Opium 1920 / 1919 Director: Robert Reinert


41.   Out Yonder (1919) Director: Ralph Ince silent / NO ENGLISH SUB / NO SOUND DVD R


42.   Personal (1904) 6min | Comedy, Short Director: Wallace McCutcheon


44.   Poor Little Peppina (1916) Director: Sidney Olcott silent / English sub


45.   Posle smerti (1915) SILENT MOVIE aka After Death- GERMAN-Vitold Polonsky-Olga Rakhmanova- Vera Karalli- Director: Yevgeni Bauer


46.   Quo Vadis? (1913) SILENT


47.   Rübezahls Hochzeit (1916) Directors: Rochus Gliese, Paul Wegener English subtitle dvd r


48.   Spartacus (1913) Director: Giovanni Enrico Vidali no sound. English sub


49.   Tess of the Storm Country (1914) Director: Edwin S. Porter Stars: Mary Pickford, Harold Lockwood, Olive Carey


50.   The ABC of Love (1919) silent / no English sub / no sound Director: Léonce Perret


51.   The Battle of Elderbush Gulch (1913) Director: D.W. Griffith


52.   The Charge of the Light Brigade (1912) short silent J. Searle Dawley


53.   The Children in the House (1916) Directors: Chester M. Franklin


54.   The Conquest of the Pole (1912) AKA À la conquête du pôle (original title) Short Director: Georges Méliès


55.   The Country Doctor (1909) (Short)


56.   The Extraordinary Adventures of Saturnino Farandola (1913)


57.   The False Faces (1919), silent, Irvin V. Willat, Henry B. Walthall, Mary Anderson, Lon Chaney


58.   The Gardener aka Trädgårdsmästaren (1912) Director: Victor Sjöström


59.   The Glorious Lady (1919) Director: George Irving silent / no English sub


60.   The Greatest Question (1919) Director: D.W. Griffith


61.   The Land Beyond the Sunset (1912) SHORT SILENT Martin Fuller, Mrs. William Bechtel, Walter Edwin, Harold M. Shaw


62.   The Man Beneath (1919) silent / no English / no music subtitle Director: William Worthington


63.   The Man Without a Country (1917) Director: Ernest C. Warde DVD R


64.   The Massacre (1912) The story of the massacre of an Indian village, and the ensuing retaliation..


65.   The Mysterious X (1914) silent / no English subtitle / no sound Director: Benjamin Christensen


66.   The Other Half (1919) Director: King Vidor silent / no sound / no subtitle


67.   The Oubliette (1914), Short, Charles Giblyn, Murdock MacQuarrie, Pauline Bush, Lon Chaney


68.   The Queen of Spades (1916) Pikovaya dama (original title) (Russia) Director: Yakov Protazanov English sub


69.   The Return of Draw Egan (1916) Director: William S. Hart


70.   The Slave Mart (1917)


71.   The Social Secretary (1916) The Social Secretary Poster Director: John Emerson


72.   The Twin Pawns (1919) SILENT / NO ENGLISH SUB Director: Léonce Perret Stars: Mae Murray, Warner Oland, Jack W. Johnston


73.   The Virginian 1914 Dustin Farnum Jack W. Johnston


74.   The White Slave Trade (1910) Den hvide slavehandel (original title) Director: August Blom


75.   The Wicked Darling (1919) Stars: Priscilla Dean, Wellington A. Playter, Lon Chaney


76.   The Woman God Forgot (1917) silent Director: Cecil B. DeMille


77.   The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1910) Short silent Otis Turner


78.   The Young Lady and the Holligan (1918) Baryshnya i khuligan (original title) Directors: Yevgeni Slavinsky, Vladimir Mayakovsky


79.   Tigris (1913) Director: Vincenzo Denizot (as Vincenzo C. Dénizot)


80.   True Heart Susie (1919), D.W. Griffith, Lillian Gish, Robert Harron, Wilbur Higby,


81.   Um Krone und Peitsche (1919) (Germany) Directors: Fern Andra, Georg Bluen English sub


82.   Unheimliche Geschichten (1919) silent German horror, Richard Oswald, Anita Berber, Conrad Veidt, Reinhold Schünzel


83.   Verdens Undergang (1916) aka The End of the World Director: August Blom


84.   Victory (1919) Stars: Lon Chaney, Jack Holt, Seena Owen, Wallace Beery Director: Maurice Tourneur


85.   Vingarne (1916) aka The Wings Director: Mauritz Stiller English sub / no sound


86.   When Bearcat Went Dry (1919) Director: Oliver L. Sellers


87.   Where Are My Children? 1916 Tyrone Power Sr


88.   White Fawn's Devotion: A Play Acted by a Tribe of Red Indians in America (1910)


89.   Wild and Woolly (1917) Director: John Emerson

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